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Wondering what type of lock you should buy? Lynnwood Locksmith Company in Lynnwood, Washington has a wide variety of them. Don’t feel overwhelmed because you have so many lock options to choose from. Once you figure out the advantages of each, it will be much easier for you to decide which one is best for you. But, if you still need help, our locksmiths are here to assist you.

Here are some of the most commonly used locks.

  • Padlock
    Many persons know about this type of lock. They come in many sizes and brands. Because of how they are made, these locks are not usually attached permanently to any area that they secure. This makes them one of the most versatile locks that you can purchase. They can be used just about anywhere and tend to fit just about any budget.
    Padlocks can be categorized based on how they are opened- keyed and keyless. Within these categories, you will find that some padlocks can be rekeyed while some cannot. There are many other great features of this lock. But one of their best features is portability. If you need a portable lock, this is the type of lock that you should purchase.
  • Deadbolt
    Many deadbolts may seem like they are simple. But these locks offer a lot of security. As a result, they are primarily used on doors that provide entrance to a property. They are usually installed on the inner side of the door and many types require a key to be opened. There are 3 types of deadbolts that you can choose from: single, double and the lockable thumbturn. Each type has its own set of advantages but they are all very effective in securing your property.
  • Jimmy Proof Deadbolt
    This type of deadbolt deserves special mention because although it works by the same principle as other deadbolts, it is quite different. They are mounted onto the surface of the door, rather than in the door itself. This means that they are almost always used as an addition to an existing lock. They are mostly used in residential settings, especially in apartments, and they do not require a lot of modification to be made to the door for them to be installed. These locks are very effective in providing security as they are not easily damaged by burglars, especially since they cannot be seen from the other side of the door.
  • Lever Handle Lock
    The name of this lock is basically a description of how it looks. The lock has a lever that you pull downwards to open the door. They are not usually recommended for external doors as they can be broken off easily or picked by burglars. These types of locks are almost always keyed and some have a twist knob on the inner side that you use to turn in order to latch the lock. Lever handle locks are quite advantageous if handicap accessibility is important or if you have children and you want them to be able to open doors easier.
  • Knob Lock
    Knob locks are very popular in residential properties. They have a pretty simple design and they can be locked and opened with a key. These locks tend to be a bit easy to pick so make sure you have additional locks on your door if you use them at an entrance point. In fact, these locks are not recommended for external doors so if you have any on those doors, you should change them as soon as you can.
  • Furniture Lock
    The name of this lock says it all. It is made to be used on all types of furniture. Many people use them on desks and cabinets but they can be used on many other types of furniture. They come in 2 main styles where you can either bolt it or push a button for it to be locked.
  • Cam Lock
    Cam Locks tend to be quite small. They can be used in mailboxes, filing cabinets and other items that may require a small lock. If you are trying to find a cam lock, it is best for you to get professional assistance since they come in different sizes and you may end up purchasing the wrong one if you are not careful.
  • Mortise Lock
    Also known as a Mortise cylinder, these locks tend to be used a lot on commercial doors. In many cases, the mortise lock and the rim lock are basically combined to produce a sort of hybrid lock since they are quite similar. These locks are a bit heavy duty and offer greater protection that many other locks. If you own a commercial building and you are looking for locks for the external doors, this is one type that you should consider.
  • Rim Latch Lock
    The Rim Latch Lock is typically paired with other locks and tends to be placed on external doors. If you are familiar with this type of lock, it may be because you had one on your apartment door or the external door at your home. It is the type of lock that automatically locks the door when it closes. A lot of people have experienced lockouts because of this culprit. But, it is quite effective at keeping the burglars out.
  • Wall Mounted Lock
    Very few persons may be familiar with this lock. It is named the wall mounted lock because it is often placed in the wall. Typically, these locks are used to secure items that are needed in an emergency. In some instances, you may even find this lock on safes.

There are many other locks that you can choose from. However, as you may have realized, if you need a lock for a specific purpose, the type of lock that you are able to choose from is quite limited. When you are selecting your lock, do not be confused by brands. There are several brands of locks that you can rely on to provide you with durable and effective locks and we stock some of the best lock brands at Lynnwood Locksmith Company in Lynnwood, Washington. We can install it for you too. Not in Washington? Try searching online to see what your local locksmith companies have to offer. We are sure that you will be able to find what you need nearby.

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